Friday, June 27, 2014

We keep on progressing...

Well it's June 27th, 2014! It's been a while since I posted anything. Lots of good and bad progress. 
Let's start with the bad and knock it out...
Raelin has been having seizures. Thankfully they are not consistent but still having them. We are going on July 3rd to get an EEG testing. Basically a test that's sends shocks to her brain to she how she responds to it. We are very nervous about that! We are also going in July 16th for an other MRI. This time they are putting her under so they can get perfect hits of her brain. Another thing we worry about. However we know God had a special plan for this little girl and our family!
Good news...
She is eating more (still through the tube) and growing like a weed! She is 9 lb 2oz as of last week! Never been so proud of our little girl on growing. As expected she is behind her age group but she is now really starting to talk (coo) and follow us around. She is staying more alert during the day and sleeps all night long!! 

We are so proud of both out girls and glad they are doing well!

Also we took our first family trip to the beach. ( well the first for our girls) and they loved it! Below are some pictures :) 

Thank you all for your support and prayers! 

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