Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Feeding Update!

So it's been about 3 whole weeks and Raelin has been eating out of the bottle on her own! No tube! This is huge for her and if we can continue to fatten her up we will be in GREAT shape :) 

Thank you for all the prayers! 

Also if you have any questions or would like to know a little more about her Chromosomal Disorder you are more than welcome to reach out to me via email or you can go to rare to read about it (link is below)

Thank you! :) 


Aug 5, 2014: Epilepsy 
Today we had raelins EEG testing done. It was very intresting! They connected 21 wires to her head and for 30 minutes they watched her brain activity to see if she would have any what I call "episodes" or seizures. Fortunately for us she did. Because of this Dr. Chang was able to she what kind of medication to put her on and how it was effecting her. Unfortunately, he did not go into much detail about what to do just to get her on the medicine ASAP and in 3 weeks come back in to have a evaluation. 
It's been two days on Keppra (the prescribed medication) and all I have noticed is her getting more frustrated andlouder before  each dosage and sleeps all day long. The poor bunny has a lot of changes going on right now. But she has been such a trooper! We are very proud of her! 

Below are a few pictures of her right before we started the test. She did very well and hopefully this will help her tremendously! 
Keep the prayers coming!