Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sitting up!

Tonight was a big night for Raelin! She sat up on her own! I placed her in a sitting position and she was able to sit up for a couple seconds before falling back over. So proud of our little girl! This is huge milestone in her life :) 

2/13/15 Sitting up!! 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Great news!!!

We are home!! It's about midnight but we made it home! :) they ran some tests and everything came back clear so they did discharged us. She does have an infection but nothing of concern to stay there. Just need to closely monitor her while we are home and lots of follow up appointments. 
Just glad to be at home :) 


So we are at the hospital again! End came and picked us up. Not sure how long the stay will be this time. Hopefully not too long. We went in due to her having another seizure which lead to her vomiting. We are praying that she did not aspirate in her lungs. We got an X-ray done so we will know more when those come in. 
Keep princess in your prayers.