Friday, January 23, 2015

Surgery Day 1/23/15

Raelin went into surgery at 9:17 am this morning. Very nervous mommy daddy, and big sissy! However Raelin did a great job and is out of surgery as of 10:15 am. The doctor said she was excellent. They are sending her to the recovery room and said we should see her after that.

Will update later. 

-peanut has been doing really well. We had only one issue. She decided to have a seizure so the poor princess was given some meds to stop it. Other than that she has been healing great. Hopefully tomorrow we will be able to start feeding her through the tube. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Hello all!

Today we had Raelins pulmonary appointment and pre-op for her surgery on Friday. All went well. We still plan on keeping her on her oxygen for the next couple of months. This is because she doesn't like to breath while having a seizure. We are still unsure on what is causing her seizures but we do know that a reason she will seize is over stimulation. But still unsure on what else can cause a trigger. 

The pre-op went well she looks healthy and happy and ready to go for the surgery. Eric and I are extremely nervous but we both know that this is what is best for our little girl and we know that it will go smoothly. Just being parents I guess. Ha 
We plan on being at the hospital all weekend to make sure she heals well and that Eric and I know and understand how to properly clean and take care of our princess. 
Please pray for us and for a healthy and easy procedure. Tessa is a little confused  on what's all going on but that is to be expected. She just wants to make sure her sissy is happy and comfortable and will come home the same way. :) 

We will try to keep everyone updated as much as possible. 

Love you all! 

Birthday Girl!!

Raelin had her first birthday yesterday!! I cannot believe our little girl is one! She has been doing well and we have her g tube surgery on Friday 1/23/15. This is a tube that will straight into her stomach so it will no longer go down her nose. Nerves are through the roof but was happy to enjoy out sweet baby's first big day!